Passive Security

New weapon against theft crime!

“GSM finders and GPS jammers are a Big Problem”

At this moment it is a big problem that all active tack & trace systems, original from the factory alswell installed in the aftermarket, are easily traceable with a GSM finders by criminals and that the GPS signals easily can be disturb.

Especially for this problem, Inter-Data has developed the Boomerang concept.

Track & Trace

Track & Trace


The  Boomerang concept is based on a manageable passive track and trace system, what easily could installed in the aftermarket with out any wiring or placing antennas.

The unique point of this concept is the combination of using multiple technologies and a large practice experiences of investigators gives us the best possible recovery results into the market.



Container security

Do you want secure your container invisible?

Container security,
a special job…

Containers are mostly together with big quantity and usually they don’t have power on board.

Especially for this problem Inter-Data has developed a container tracking solution.

These systems are not traceable with GSM finders and could be installed “Invisible”.  This system can run on the battery up to 10 years without charging or changing the battery.

By using next to GPS also other technologies, the maximum result of a recovery action into the market can be realised.


Multiple manageable technologies
Not traceble with GSM finder
Wind and water resistant
Sustainable solution


WatchLock Mult-T-Lock Containers locker

Get a quick a message by theft

Powerfull locker with GSM/GPS alarm

This locker is advised by crime prevention investigators. It will give an alarm by theft and robbery easily by sms or e-mail.

To manage more lockers in a easy way, Inter-Data offers an integration solution with her unique Recovery Portal supported by RSC Recovery Service Europe for optimal services by theft cases.

Watchlock Mult-T Lock Containerslot

Watchlock Mult-T-Lock Containerslot

Satellite security

Integration Spot Trace, a world solution

Works also on the Ocean without GSM coverage

In 2015 Inter-Data realised a automatically connections with the GlobalStar satellite platform. With this connection it will be possible to integrate Spot Trace device into 1 platform together with all the other tracking solutions of Inter-Data. At you can read more about the Spot Trace satellite devices and services.

Trip indication
“World” coverage
Up to 2 years battery lifetime
Integration with Recovery portal




Tracking solution, only for Crime investigators and Police

In cooperation with several Investigation organisations, Inter-Data developed the unique Observanto system.

Download observanto brochure