Autonomous low-power, plug & play tracking solution. With no SIM card installation required, works with our free web   & mobile application, offering  GPS and SIGFOX Geolocation. Thanks to it’s numerous dedicated energy saving algorithms, Sigfox GPS  IoT Tracker is a highly energy efficient solution for managing, tracking and securing of non-powered assets.

Built on hi-end Telecom Design™ ultra low-power module, this small, lightweight device provides the perfect combination of size, weight, autonomy and functionality. 

Main Features: 

• The highest Sigfox certification class u0
• GPS & Sigfox Atlas Geolocation, real-time tracking, position update up 10 min. (Technology explained)
• Autonomy: up to 6  years, battery status alert, replaceable  battery
• Resistant to interference and jamming (See the test of network resistance to jamming)
• PWA WebApp, Android & iOS standalone installation
• Real-time tracking mode, Location history,  Geofencing, Temperature
• Self-configurable  Geo-fences, notifications & alerts
• GNSS Receiver with active antenna
• High-Performance, Low-Current SIGFOX gateway
• Ultra-low power 3D Accelerometer
• Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to +75°C
•78×48×24mm, weigh: 56g including battery, Made in Czech Republic (See the product datasheet)

Map Sigfox GPS IoT Tracker
Map Sigfox GPS IoT Tracker

GPS &  SIGFOX ATLAS positioning:  
There are two methods of getting the Chipfox Tracker’s position:

• GPS – Satellite  – accurate positioning – device needs partial sky-view for GPS satellite data
• ATLAS – Sigfox network calculated position – approximate positioning, this method works also indoor without sky-view

Conectivity :
Sigfox RC1: Europe, Oman, Iran, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Tunisia, UAE, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mauritius, Mayotte, New Caledonia

Comparison of GPS/GSM with GPS/IoT technology:

GPS/GSMChipfox GPS Tracker
Battery lifedaysyears
Signal jammingeasynot possible
Tracker detectionyes, easydifficult
Position indoornoyes, accuracy 100-5000m
SIM cardyesno
Operator contractmonthly SIM/data contractannual subscription, first year included
Tracker functionsusually notyes

Suitable for :
Vehicles, motor-bikes, boats, bikes, sports equipment, pets, animals, photo & video gear, musical instruments & equipment, kids, seniors, luggage, parcel & logistics, securing of construction sites, concerts, events, etc.

Sigfox Gps IoT Tracker