About Inter-Data


The original company of Inter-Data was founded in 1988 under the name HEBRE car electronics.

The focus of the company was focused on service and installation of car electronics products such as onboard computers, security systems and mobile communication devices for distributors, importers and OEM market.

Inter-Data Netherlands
Inter-Data Netherlands
In 2000, Inter-Data started, with three independent companies, a netwerk organisation  for the development of the first revolutionary Track and Trace system based on cloud technology.

In 2011 Inter-Data has opened its 2nd Inter-Data Research and Development department in Sweden.

Inter-Data Sweden
Inter-Data Sweden

Our Inter-Data Team

Mr. J.A.M. van Bremen

SE +46(0)703049164
NL +31(0)653377586

Mr. A.W.P. Bouwens

Project Manager/Project Engineer

+31(0)345522333 (1)
Mr. J. van der Knaap

Enterprise Software Developer

Mrs. J.J. van der Biezen

+31(0)345522333 (2)

Mrs. M. Koning

Financial controler

Mr. W. Schram

Senior Software Developer

Mr. R. Fledderus

Private investigator
24/ Recovery support
+31(0)30 30 40 020

Mr. G. Walgemoet

Private investigator
24/ Recovery support
+31(0)30 30 40 020

Mr. D. Rensema

Junior Mobile Application Developer


Mr. A. Rawstorne

Senior Firmware / Hardware developer

Mr. R. de Vaal

Senior Firmware / Hardware Developer

Mr. J. van Bussel

ISO integrator


Mr. W. Stolker

System operator

Mr. H.J. Barneveld


Mr. P. Vos

UI/UX Designer