In case of theft

Has your car, truck, trailer or machines been stolen,
please call our Recovery Support Center quick!

In case of theft you always can contact RSC for support,
even when you are not a customer of  us.

RSC ( Recovery Support Center) +31 30 30 40 020

Special number for support in Germany:  +49 95 253 91 00 10

They will help you discreet, quick and with a focus on result.
If you want to arrange in case of theft everything by your self, follow all the next steps:

1) Report to the police.
Keep the papers of the car and insurance directly available.
The police will always ask for the car papers, the brand of the car, type en VIN (Vehicle Indification Number), the location of theft and your personal details.

2) Report to  your insurance agency.

3) Has your car been leased?
Report also to your  lease company, this will avoid problems with (tax) authorities.

4)  Is your car stolen outside your own country?
Report always to the local police in the country where your car has been stolen and report as soon as possible in your own country as here above informed.

If the Netherlands is your home country:

5) Report  VbV  +31 71 – 36 41 777 (24/7)
Report always also at VbV, even when you don’t have an  insurance in case of theft. Reporting at VbV will make the chance to find back much bigger.

Go never to the location of the stolen vehicle or object. For your own safety and not disturbing the investigation and recovery process, let our special agents do the job. Our special agents have special detection equipment and identification capabilities and they work directly together with the authorities.