Privacy statement (GDPR)

The data which are generated by the Inter-Data Track & Trace trip registration system are stored on a dedicated cloud environment.

The server locations can only be accessed by someone who has been granted legal permission and by the management from Inter-Data Netherlands BV which signed a confidentiality agreement.

Collected data is in no way made available to third parties without a court order.

For optimal continuity assurance Inter-Data has deliberately chosen two high-quality data center locations: KPN datacenter Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Combell NV datacenter Gent (Belgium). Both these meet the highest security standards and are certified both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. There is 24/7 surveillance by video cameras and professional monitoring location.

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    If your vehicle is stolen and you want a quick and adequate detection and recovery?

    Call the Recovery Support Center (RSC) from the Netherlands: 030- 30 40 020.
    Are you calling from abroad? Please call +31 30 30 40 020

    For more information about securing your vehicle in case of theft? Please send an email to [email protected] or call +31 (0)345-522333

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        Inter-Data has in general a very lenient way to handle warranty. A satisfied customer always comes first. The standard warranty for the Inter-Data products is 2 years and can be easily upgraded to 5 years or even to a liftime waranty.

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            Download here our Customer complaint form. Please fill in and send to [email protected] Inter-Data will answer within 5 working days this mail.

            We are looking for International dealers to put our innovative products in a broader market.

            Inter-Data specializes in Track & Trace solutions for trip registration, protection and monitoring of vehicles and equipment. We are currently represented with offices in two countries, the Netherlands and Sweden, also we work closely with numerous dealers and partners spread across Europe.

            Our dealers are supported as follows;

            Discount on the purchase of hardware
            Sales advice and support
            Product training
            Helpdesk Support
            Access to special dealer page
            Installation and periodic product instructions

            Want to become a dealer or want more information, please send an email   to [email protected] or phone +31 (0)345-522333