Unique Investigation & Recovery Service

Help and support in the event of theft is not self-evident and is just one of the many tasks for the police, the judiciary and the government.

That is why the private investigation agency Tractech IRS offers a unique exclusive Investigation & Recovery Service for Inter-Data products.

Thanks to the close cooperation of Trachtech IRS with the police, the judiciary and government services, you can count on the best possible adequate support and follow-up in the event of theft with the service of IRS service.

Tractech IRS Investigation & Recovery Service has offices in the Netherlands, Austria, Poland and Sweden.
All investigation and recovery activities are managed and coordinated from the Netherlands.

To do by Theft and security
After your vehicle / object has been stolen, contact the IRS emergency room as soon as possible.
After verification and the inclusion of your data, your report will be processed.
If desired, an employee of the Recovery Team can assist you in making a declaration. We also provide this assistance abroad.
The declaration is extremely important in the process. The declaration ensures that your vehicle or object is identified internationally and that the tracing activities are started.
Via different networks depending on your tracking system, signals are sent to your object to activate your system and / or send new settings.
The Coordinator of the Recovery Team determines the setting that will be placed.
The Inter-Data systems can send out radio signals and we receive them in the control room. The investigation team has special reception equipment in the car to be able to receive the radio signals and to determine the location of the stolen vehicle.
Once the vehicle is located, the police are called in and the object is handed over to the police.
IRS does not impound vehicles, this is reserved exclusively for the police.
Interested in the possibilities of this unique Investigation & Recovery Service?

Tractech IRS Investigation & Recovery Service
Ruurloseweg 92a
NL-7255 MB Hengelo (Gld / Bronckhorst)
PO Box 201NL-7020 AC Zelhem
+49 (0) 173 311 1641
+31 (0) 6 150 301 63
POB: 1643
[email protected]

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24/7 Recovery Support +31 30 30 40 020
Germany 24/7 Recovery Support +49 95 253 91 00 10
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