Corporate Social Responsability

Education and business cooperation

Cooperation is the key. The gap between studens and business is very big.
To reduce the gap, Inter-Data starts in 2016 to cooperate with Karlstad Innovationpark and students of the Karlstad University.


“Students as employees”
Students as employees

2019: Solar Panels 

 To reduce the consumption of energy to a minimum,  an exciting installation has been installed at the office building in Sweden. The system consists 45  panels of 295 Watt. 18 are mounted at the wall and 27 panels are mounted on a flat roof. These have liquid panels at the back to utilize the excess heat from the panels to the geothermal installation. In addition, the panels are cooled and the efficiency increases of the solarpanels ass well of the geothermal installation. 

Heatpump with geothermal energy installation has been installed.

“Consumption of energy reduced to a minimum”
Solarpanels Solarpanels with cooling panels


2018: Heatpump

To lower the consumption of energy, a big Heatpump with geothermal energy installation has been installed.

“Energy saving up to 70 %”

2017: Solar Tubes

Heating of a building is a big thing in Sweden. To lower the consumption of energy  the Inter-Data group installed a Solartube plant of 13.3kW at the backside of the Inter-Data office building in Sweden.

“Free heating energy”


2016: Toilets
for a better world

In June 2016, Henrik Smedberg business developer at Mundati presented the first plans of powerful project to help the world.

Source: NWT

“Poor or no sanitation is world wide a big problem”

Especially in Third world countries,  refugee camps and  disaster areas is poor sanitation even a bigger problem than access to clean water. Mundati started in in 2015 with developing a new full service, multi cultural, hygienic and safe sanitation solution, easy to transport and setup,  all over the world.

A good world wide measure and management system to handle safety, cleaning and logistics aspects is a very important key part of this project.
Inter-Data started helping Mundati to setup a modern cloud enterprise solutions what will be capable to help quick and efficient the local organisations as well biggest organisations in the wold with there needs.

The UN and Red Cross shared already their interest in this new sanitation solution.



2013/14 FIA WRC

Since 2009, Inter-Data is closely involved in the organization of one of the biggest events in the rally sport.

Swedish Rally

Swedish Rally

Swedish Rally

WRC FIA World Rally Championship

Two weeks per year, the Inter-Data building in Sweden is the center of the world rally sport. Inter-Data offers the WRC media center and associated companies housing and care. Inter-Data organizes, in close collaboration with Event-IP, the entire communication.

A team of hundreds of enthusiastic employees, consisting of television producers, journalists, technical staff and Rally Sweden are working together from the Inter-Data Building to let the WRC event be a success.

In 2012, Inter-Data invested in collaboration with the municipality of Hagfors (Hagfors Kommun) in a new five-kilometer fiber connection to facilitate this event in a high-quality way

2013 Go For Africa

On June 14, 2006, the Go for Africa Foundation was established by Jan Huizinga. As an experienced teacher ROC aAutomotive Technology with working experience in Africa, he wanted to combine African adventure and experiential learning with each other.

Go For Africa

“live on the Internet from Netherlands to Gambia”

From the desire to deepen and widen the Dutch education system, Since then he organizes adventurous placements in various West African countries (Gambia, Senegal, Mauritania). With this he makes a connection between the Dutch and African education system.

Through commitment and sponsorship of Inter-Data and the local Inter-Data dealer JVO Car Care from Rossum the team “Dukes of Brabant” from the ROVC Koning Willem I College, ‘s Hertogenbosch by Bas van den Boogaard and Joshua van der Leest was live to follow.

2008 Roparun Team 42

The Roparun is a relay race off 500 kilometers from Paris and Hamburg to Rotterdam in which people through teamwork are delivering a sporting performance to raise money for people with cancer. Also called an “Adventure for life”. This is also evident from the motto, which for years has been: “adding life to the days where often no more days can be added to the life.”


Through commitment and sponsorship of Inter-Data, Team 42 was using a micro GSM GPS tracking system so we could follow them live on the Internet.

A Roparun team consists of up to eight runners which each will run about 65 kilometers or more than 1½ marathon. In addition, a team consists of at least two cyclists and a number of people in counseling.

Think of drivers, caretakers, caterers and navigators. Teams are responsible for completion of these tasks, and on average there is a team of 25 people.

2008 Sunboatrace

Since 2005 Zeeland organizes races for homemade vessels on solar energy: Solar Boat Race Zeeland.

The solar boat race allows young people – mostly students and students from different educational levels – acquainted with the possibilities of renewable solar energy in a challenging way. The solar boat race lets the general public be acquainted with the power of the sun as a source of renewable energy in an appealing way.

Through the efforts and sponsorship of Inter-Data and Inter-Data dealer Car-life from Vlissingen, it was possible to track and monitor measurements such as voltage and speed, through a compact GSM GPS Track and Trace system.
Zonnebootrace Zeeland

2006/07 Amsterdam-Dakar

A bunch of enthusiasts who along with founder Arthur Verheijen started the first Amsterdam Dakar Challenge – a trip of approximately 7,000 miles with the final auction of the cars for the benefit of local charities.


Through the efforts and sponsorship of Inter-Data, Team Twice (Henri van Meurs, Antoine van Meurs and Olaf Meyer Bark) could be followed live on the Internet.

In addition, the charity helped a lot. Until now, thanks to the teams, revenues of over € 3,000,000, – are realized for various charities!

2006 Ringvaart Regatta

The OC&C Ringvaart Regatta was founded in 1976 as a mutual struggle between Njord and Laga on occasion of the 100th anniversary of the D.S.R.V.

“Laga” has now become a brand name throughout rowing Netherlands. The race is exactly 100km and begins in Leiden. After the Kaag is crossed the Ringvaart follows. After a round on the Ringvaart, the Kaag is crossed again on the way to Leiden, Delft and finally Leidschendam.

Ringvaart Regatta

Through commitment and sponsorship of Inter-Data in partnership with Telfort Netherlands the race could be followed live on the internet for the first time in 2006.

The boats of the participants Dr. Ockels, Heroes, Ida Kollman, Van der Knaap and the teams fam. Kroes, Triton ladies, Nereus Ladies, Njord gentlemen, Aegir gentlemen, Laga gentlemen, OC & C and faculty Mining were using an Inter-Data micro GSM GPS tracking system and for this event a special website was developed.