Custom Projects



2020 Tank monitoring

Water level, Fuel level, Water flow, running hours pump, generator, main power and location can be easily monitored and all types of different alerts can be generated.

elm Tanken

Case : Elm Tanken

Elm tanken are widely used by companies and municipalities in emergency and disaster situations.

Most of the clients of Elm Tanken are located in the Nordic countrys.
Temparature and distance in these countrys are an extra challange.

2019 Salt/Sand spreaders

Salt/Sand spreading is important for safety during the winter season. Collaboration between the various managers of the public space is crucial to keep the frozen roads under control.

The FMS 2020 portal offers a unique combination of Fleet Management, Trip registration and Machine monitoring.  The system can generate all types of necessary alerts.

Case : Wierre

Reliable universal system. Auto type and spreader type independent for optimal management, insight and cooperation for municipal services.


Recovery & Investigation

The Recovery portal is an unique combination of the latest technology and years of recovery experience . This combination generated  in  a 100% successful recovery score.

Recovery action


Case : Sherlog

To support the international world of security agents and crime fighters, Inter-Data started developing of a new recovery portal.

The platform  should have the functionality of Tele managing of  logic track and trace devices and collecting  and analyzing data of different inputs.

The components should be applied based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)  and unlimited scalable.

To complete this case, Inter-Data worked together with Recovery Support Center Europe for connecting the recovery specialists.


2015 World Machinery

To find a good solution for global a company is very difficult. Unlimited scalability and a good structured user level administration are very important key facts.

To shorter developing processes in a safe way, special full manageable hardware is indispensable.

The unique service Oriented enterprise architecture, high level of platform, infrastructure and data centers of Inter-Data has results into a stable and sustainable full world wide service solution.


Machine management

Machine monitoring


2013 Enterprise

Cloud computing is no longer indispensable. But what seems simple is not always easy for large organizations with enterprise architecture. Large organizations do not take risks and therefore ask large international companies such as Sogeti to manage and control the architecture within their company. Integrating cloud solutions for large organizations with enterprise architecture therefore requires a very high level of specialization. Standard cloud solutions can not meet the necessary requirements often.


Sogeti Logo

Case : Karlstad

Delivering a Track & Trace system for 70 vehicles, consisting of company busses, trucks, lawnmowers, sand / salt spreaders, drain suction and snowplows and 300 vehicles. It would be very desirable if the system would use Karlstad Municipality’s own servers, databases, maps and the central access control system.

The components should be applied based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) should be written for each component. Drawn up a Service. The employees involved in Karlstad Municipality should get a trainee program and the continuity of the delivered hardware, software and services had to be secured.

To complete this case, Inter-Data worked together with Sogeti to cooperate the implemenatation of the system. Inter-Data started the development of a new platform, built from components with a service oriented architecture (SOA ) as a basis especially for companies with an enterprise architecture.
To ensure continuity Inter-Data affiliated with Trica EEIG (European Economic Interest Group).

2012 Fenceless Farming

In 2012 the Inter-Data keyfinder was introduced: a tiny Track & Trace system with many possibilities.

In May 2012 Inter-Data received from the university, UMB, Department of Mathematical Sciences and Technology, Ås, Norway the following case:

Fenceless farming

Case : Can we use the keyfinder to monitor sheep in the mountains of Norway?

The system features a high-sensitive GPS and a reliable GSM. with the regular batterypack the standby time could be, dependent on the application, several months. By providing comprehensive manuals, programming cables and proper configuration tools, the University was able to develop their own in-house platform and manage the data processing in-house.

2011 API

A frequently asked question is whether the Inter-Data system is able to link with other software packages. In order to give a good answer, the Inter-Data system has an API (application programming interface) since 2010. By making use of this API any desired program can communicate with the Inter-Data system in a simple manner.

In 2011, the software company 2G Uddel, specialized in web-based custom solutions presented the following case:


Case: Productivity management

A joint client wants the hour and kilometer accountability from the Inter-Data system integration to manage its projects and to optimize the project administration. The consultants wanted to gain quick insight into the relationship between relations, projects and objects with customer contact.

By using the Inter-Data API 2G could automatically convert the information to the 2G project accounting system. The company was able to easily per project cost and record hours. The application provides up to date, valuable information for project management and relationship management, and is at any location accessible in a simple manner. The whole package is a cloud solution and therefor an extra branch of the company could be realized quickly.

2009 Floating Machinery

Locating and generating trip information of moving objects with GPS technology is familiar territory for Inter-Data. Strange as it may sound, but locating and generating accurate information from very slow moving objects requires new knowledge. Therefor Inter-Data started to research the very slow-movement of objects.


Case : Locating and monitoring of dredging machinery for removing sludge from water channel

In close cooperation with the local Inter-Data dealer, this case was quick completed. The dredging machinery is equipped with the Inter-Data Manager systems with a custom software configuration and special GPS. Additional filtering techniques are applied in the data processing.

2008 Secret Packages

Inter-Data started with the development and research of “Secret Products” in 2006.
The demand for small systems without a power supply, with a long standby time and a high quality satellite receive signal.


Case : Secret Packages that can be easily sent with regular parcel delivery in the existing distribution structure.

In the period 2007-2008, this case was carried out in cooperation with UPS EMEA Security Technology Group in Venlo. Results that were above expectations where achieved by applying power management technology, special fine tuning of the hardware components and special filtering techniques in software. More substantive information on this project cannot be given due to confidential obligations.

2007 Generator Monitoring

The complexity of electric generator monitoring is mainly high voltage, grounding and vibrations.
With years of practical experience of sensoring and measurement for industrial solutions, Inter-Data has developed a special stable hardware device and a flexible stable machine management platform.
Theft, stop running, machine failures, fuel level and much more relevant information be automatically detected. The Alert services will generate directly the right warning to the right person. All relevant information to optimize planning and production process is directly available in customized reports and graphs. The optional to detect cutting and stealing of the electricity cables, has implemented into the same system.

By using new cloud technology, special customer demands has been added daily to this sustainable solution.

Case : Continuity assurance lightning

This client offers a full service concept of temporary Road lightning during Road construction projects to create safe work circumstances.
The main points of this customer to use this system is to create a big cost reduction and to assure his clients the continuity of their lightning.
Generator monitoring  
Generator monitoring 2

2006 Project management

Inter-Data introduced a new solution in 2006: the Inter-Data Terminal: a simple free programmable cabinet with display and keyboard.

Housing Foundation Servatius in Maastricht came in 2006 with the next case.


Case : Registration of  location, time, project number, consumed articles and notes

The system must be linked to the existing journey registration. The status and locations of all service vehicles must be displayed on a large screen for the purpose of planning centrally. There should be both centralized and decentralized, work can be used with the system worked independently.

Statements should easily be imported into the existing project records. Any change in the menu structure of the Inter-Data Terminal should be carried out without presenting the vehicle to a service center or a service technician.

Using the Inter-data terminal and combine it with the trip registration so that much information could be generated automatically.

For the remaining questions like project number, consumed articles, notes and performer a customized menu structure was created and installed on the data terminal.

Adjustments to the menu structure of the Inter-Data Terminal could be carried out by integrating the journey registration system over the air, so no mechanics where needed on loction. For a well functioning import of the collected data in the existing project administration of the housing
corporation a custom CSV file is compiled.

2005 Payroll administration

Inter-Data came in contact with a large outfitting company from Lemelerveld during the introduction of the Inter-Data Fleetmanagement System on the AutoRai in 2005,

The following case was presented:


Case: Cost reducing with continuity assurance

The current installation costs must be reduced, work must be decentralized, excel output should be adjusted to the customers wishes so that it can be used for payroll administration, and the supplier needs to secure the continuity of its service delivery.
The solution was found by looking at the vehicle system voltage and the fine tuning of the GPS antenna. With this, an absolute simplification of vehicle installation time was achieved and the labour time was reduced by 75%.

By using the Inter-Data SAAS cloud we could, without having to customize the software at the customer site, implement those solutions easily. Due to the flexible scalability of the Inter-Data system the entire fleet was equipped with a new Inter-Data fleet management systems on very short terms.

The continuity assurance could be guaranteed by the Inter-Data partnership. The service delivery is automatically continued by the continuity assurance- partnership and rights, supported by ESCROW agreements and the rights are transferred to the appropriate party.

This partnership is an European cooperation, especially for the guarantee of continuity of SaaS Cloud Solutions.

2004 Traffic Information System

Inter-Data started in 2004 as an OEM supplier for the Quick Group, consisting of Silca Traffic Systems Europe, manufacturer of mobile traffic information systems, Allmand Europe, a specialist in mobile lighting equipment and Quick Stra, a specialized service for everything the field of truck mounted forklifts.

Silca Ebo

Case : Private label

The customer demand: We want a solution under private label where we could determine where the trailer is located but also monitoring battery voltage, record hours, charging and discharging the batteries, start and stop remote units, report faults, report sabotage, using the Inter-Data device as a normal M2M modem to communicate with the computers of the internal text carts through the GSM network.

By combining knowledge and experience both in the field of track & trace, M2M solutions, as well as GSM data communication, the Quick Trace could be developed in a short time. This new development was introduced by Silca during Intertraffic, the trade fair for the traffic and transport industry and infrastructure, to the customers, such as RWS, provinces, water boards and infrastructure companies.

This development provided a lot of insight into the use of solar panels, wind generators, and battery management. There were considerable cost savings by online monitoring and control. Many trips to the operating equipment for service, maintenance and modifications of texts have become obsolete with the Quick Trace. Battery life was significantly increased and the reliability and continuity of the Silca traffic information could be secured.

2003 Cost Reduction

In 1985 Jan van Bremen took his first steps behind the doors of ICS Industrial Control Systems and served as a technical assistant in the Research & Development Car Black Box Systems department.

In 2003, Jan van Bremen and Jan Bonnemaijers started to work together on the question how to reduce costs for the customer. They started the development of a revolutionary concept. Inter-Data trip registration system based on SAAS (Software As A Service) cloud solution.

Noordenne Groep

Case: Integration existing system in new system.

Van Noordenne Groep, one of the largest independent companies in the glass industry, with its own fleet consisting of various service buses and trucks, wanted to work location independent and not need to buy expensive software.
The existing Datatrak vehicle communication systems had to be well integrated in the new system.

By integrating their existing system into the new Inter-Data SAAS solution, the company was able to use the latest technologies in a simple and very cost effective way.
By exchanging the Datatrak communication for the Inter-Data GSM GPS communication two years later, the fixed costs were further reduced by 25%.

2002 Navigation on PDA

In early 2000, the PDA (personal digital assistant) came into the market and Inter-Data started ,
under the name HEBRE Projects at that time, with the development of proprietary software combined with the integration of existing software components. The first application developed by Inter-Data was BUTTON. With this application, the PDA could be used as a navigation system.

Bart Smit

Case : Rear view camera on PDA screen

The entire fleet (25 trucks with trailers) should be equipped with a camera linked to the PDA in combination with navigation and an address book.

Besides the navigation area and the address book, Inter-Data designed a cradle for the vehicle in which the PDA could fit, and to which the analog Orlaco cameras could be connected. With this application, Bart Smit was ahead of its time and costs for navigation combined with a camera were reduced with more than 50%.