Lease Driver

You want your mileage and travelled routes log automatically?

With Inter -Data, you have everything under control, anytime and anywhere.

Do you have a company car or private car and want to record the mileage automatically? In almost all cases, our Compact System meets all the needs and requirements of the client.

This system ensures that the journeys automatically be tracked and recorded. When you login online then you see each ride (date, time, distance, arrival and departure address and time), including reports for Tax purposes, in a well-organised system

Fleet Management

Is easy Insight in your fleet important for you?

With Inter -Data, you have everything under control, anytime and anywhere.

From simple trip registration systems to complex enterprise solutions .

If you have a small fleet and looking for a simple solution for automatic recording of mileage or you are a fleet manager of a large fleet of vehicles and are looking for a complete solution for efficient fleet management ? Our fleet management system is fully customizeable to your needs and requirements.

Registration traveled route and mileage
Clear trip registration system
Closing trip registration for the Tax
Online location ( Track & Trace )
Private mileage tracking
Modular expandable



Green Management

Fuelsave and CO2 reduction

To improve your CO2 performance ladder position, Inter-Data started the development of the Green  Manager module .

The module analyses the driving behavior in a simple manner and combined with fuel usage. The result is displayed in a score between 0 and 50. The higher the score the better the ride. Besides a positive effect on your CO2 performance ladder, you will save on your Fuel cost.

Machine Management

Is  continuity and productivity important for you?

With Inter -Data , you have everything under control, anytime and anywhere.

Think of:

Hours of accountability
Planning services
Managing maintenance.

We’d love to hear what you all want to register! We can meet specific needs in almost all cases.



Running hours
Route and mileage
Scheduling of maintenance
Egnine Temperature
Cooling registration
Operating hours
Monitoring of critical systems
Recording of critical systems

Tank Ship Online

Online Tank Ship Loading Information System

Inter-Data started in collaboration with AIM Slurink Electrical Engineering BV
to develope an online tank loading information system. The system is being developed as a SaaS cloud solution.

Bunkerschip Tankload Online